Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Rentals Pacific Northwest

Pacific Golf & Turf offers one of the largest rental fleets of clean and modern golf carts and utility vehicles in Oregon and Washington.

We offer rental golf carts, shuttles, people haulers, flat beds, beverage carts and more. Call Today for a Quick Quote.

For Golf Cart Rentals Contact Your Nearest Branch

  • Portland, Oregon: (503) 282-6022
  • Snohomish, Washington: (360) 568-7798
  • Spokane, Washington: (509) 879-5117

Daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Convenient golf cart rental package for short and long term rentals with optional deliverly and pick-up and service agreements.
Talk to us about your event needs.

Golf Cart Rentals

  • Two Passenger
  • Two passenger with utility box
  • Four passenger
  • Six passenger
  • Cargo
  • Carry-all Utility

Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Rental Services

  • Long or Short Term Rentals
  • Delivery and Pickup Service Available
  • Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho

Reliable, clean, and quiet rental golf carts are easy to use and ideal for efficiently moving people for: Golf tournaments, weddings, concerts, parties, parades, expos, fairs and festivals, resorts, tours, any event with remote/large parking lots, open houses, grounds security, sporting events, tournaments, trade shows, apartments, dealerships, campuses, commercial buildings, facilities, industrial parks, large factories, construction sites and more.